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Community pharmacy teams

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Community pharmacists are medicine experts in the community. The teams are made up of a pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, dispensers and counter assistants. They are often open long hours and you don't usually need to make an appointment for most services.

What do community pharmacy teams do?

You may already attend your local community pharmacy to collect prescriptions. Community pharmacists are highly trained, however, and can offer much more. They can help you get the most from your prescribed medicines, give advice on over-the-counter medicines, give advice on many health issues, administer vaccines ( e.g. flu), safely dispose of your unwanted or out-of-date medicine and support you with a healthy lifestyle, amongst many other specialist services.

Advice and support after discharge home

If you have recently been discharged from hospital after having had COVID-19, your community pharmacist is there to support you.  While you are readjusting to everyday life, you may feel more tired than usual and not up to going out and about. If so, you can ask your pharmacy to deliver your prescription directly to your home. During your stay in hospital, changes may have been made to your medication. Your pharmacist can explain these changes, answer any questions you have and advise on side effects to look out for. If you remain uncertain about any of these changes, your community pharmacist will be able to speak with your GP.

Advice and support with ongoing or general health concerns

If you have other general concerns about your health after getting home from hospital, the community pharmacist, togerher with your GP should be able to support you and provide advice. We know that many people who have had COVID-19 can feel very tired, and perhaps breathless and that this can continue for some time.  If you have other general health concerns that might support your recovery e.g. stopping smoking or weight management, then do speak with your community pharmacist.