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Web Link: Healthera (pharmacist support)

This app helps you get the most out of your local pharmacy services. You can use it to manage your repeat prescriptions and medication, book appointments and contact your pharmacist for advice. *NHS approved and free to use

Article: Medication

Article length: 4 minutes (Read now or tap the button above to add this resource to your personal library to read later) Will I go home on the same medication? You may find that you go home with more or sometimes less medication than you were taking before.It is not unusual for some of your normal medications to be stopped or to have new ones started. How can I find out more about any new medications? Ask your nurse, doctor or the ward pharmacist to explain what your new medications...

Web Link: Medication passport: free app

This link will take you to the Apple itunes store, where you can download a medication "passport" to your phone or tablet. The app was developed by the NHS and is free. It is designed to help you keep track of, and understand your medications, including any changes made by your doctor.

Article: Pharmacist

The pharmacy team includes clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and sometimes pharmacy assistants.One of their key roles is to make sure that the medications you are taking are as safe as possible (e.g. in terms of the dose, the way it's given, how often it's given, if there are any side effects, or if any of the drugs you're taking interact with one another) and tailored to your individual needs.They will be able to answer any questions you might have about your...