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External Video: Common issues after getting home

Video length: 22:30 (Watch now or tap the button above to add this resource to your personal library to watch later) In this video, Anne talks about her role as a follow up nurse at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. She sees patients after they've been discharged from hospital and talks about the common issues patients and families face during this time.

Web Link: COVID aftercare: a short film on patients' experiences

This link will take you to a short video (an anmimation, lasting around 5 minutes) about some recent research on the aftercare of people who have been in Intensive Care due to COVID. The researchers interviewed a number of patients about their time in ICU, and the care they received after hospital discharge. Common problems included a lack of information about what to expect during recovery, and a lack of joined-up care after getting home. The research was done by a team of researchers at...

Article: How can I find out more about what happened in Intensive Care?

How can I find out more about what happened in Intensive Care? It can depend on the type and level of information you’re looking for. Some people are more comfortable with a basic understanding, whereas others prefer to have a more detailed medical explanation. It’s completely up to you. You may find that the type of information you would like changes as you recover. Here are some things you can do that might help. Ask your family and friends They will be able...

Web Link: Information leaflets on various conditions

Many people who come into Intensive Care have pre-existing health conditions. Part of your recovery will likely include understanding and dealing with those conditions too.This link will take you to the British Medical Journal's website.There are links to patient information leaflets on a range of conditions. They have been written in clear, easily understandable language.

Article: Keeping up to date

Who can I ask about my loved one's condition? COVID-19 has meant that hospitals have restricted visiting to protect patients, their family, friends and staff. This means that the way you can communicate with Intensive Care Unit staff has changed. You can no longer communicate face-to-face with the nurses and doctors caring for your loved one, and you can’t visit the Unit. ICUs around the country have set up different systems to communicate with families, depending on how busy...

Web Link: Medical information: Patient.co.uk

This link will take you to the Patient.co.uk website. There is a huge amount of easily understandable and trustworthy general information and advice on health issues and general wellbeing. There are also blogs and forums where you can hear more about other peoples' experiences.

Article: Not remembering what happened to you

Once patients are transferred to the wards, they often "come to" and have to begin to make sense of what's happened to them. Not remembering (amnesia) how you ended up in Intensive Care and what happened while you were there is extremely common. Patients sometimes "lose" the few days before ending up in Intensive Care, even though they were comparatively well at that time. Not remembering is likely to be a combination of how ill you were, the nature of your...